Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Yesterday I had to take pictures of my house for a school assignment(boring I know). So, here are some of the pictures I took!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years

Happy New Years!! OK, new years resolutions.Try new things. I'm not very adventurous, but this year I'd like to be. Blog more. I'd like to blog once a week. Be myself no matter where I am. I'd like to be myself where ever and whoever I'm with. Those are my new years resolutions. I can't wait till dance starts again! Two weeks is a long time to be without dance!! I've really missed my dance family.  
Me and my dance company.  Bye!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


This morning I got a e-mail that said Welcome to Online Public School!! That means I start on Monday!!! I had fun picking out classes I want to take. I know a lot of you are thinking "What? She's excited about starting school?" But my summer seemed to last forever and I'm getting bored of it. Of course, I will miss the lazy summer days. And it will be a change because I was homeschooled most my life and never really had deadlines for assignments, but I think it will be a good change. The nice thing about online school is that I can plan my school schedule around my dance schedule. Because dance is the most important thing to me. Without dance....I know there's some cool quote like that, but I can't remember it. :( Anyways I just wanted to say that I'm excited that school is finally going to start and I hope you have a good rest of your Saturday bye!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Stressed out

Ugh! I'm stressed out because I was supposed to start online high school on Wednesday, but they are still possessing the paper work so I'm already three days behind in classes.  That means I'm going to have to do extra work to catch up. Lets just say I haven't been the most pleasant person lately. But I will hopefully start on Monday!

I love this picture! OK time to go make a coffee. Bye!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hi. OK so I'm really frustrated with blogger. I have a blog that I like and want to edit www.lovedanceandcoffee.blogspot.com but after I sign in and hit dashboard the only blog that shows up is this one! I've all ready blogged one the other one, but now it won't let me!!! I thought I deleted this one. Anyways now I'm really frustrated and need a coffee and a nap.